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  • 5 Jewelry Curse Stories: Diamonds Aren't Always A Girl's Best Friend

    What does it take for a jewelry artifact, whether it be a single stone or a hoard of gold, to be declared “cursed”? Well, it seems the main ingredient is a populace with a very active imagination, and successive owners who are willing to carry on the legend even if they’ve escaped with all their limbs. Here is a great piece by JR Thorpe from Bustle about the 5 Strangest Jewelry Curse Stories.

  • How do your Natural Lashes Affect Your Lash Extensions?

    Eyelash extensions are one makeup alternative present in the current era that helps your eye pop out in just seconds. Mascara was one element used for ages to give your eyes that perfect seductive look, but lash extensions have beautifully replaced this process.

  • Why Diamonds Are Used In Engagement And Wedding Rings

    In celebration of those loving couples who are about to tie the knot, we offer this wonderful exploration of why diamonds are used for the purpose of engagement and wedding rings. The practice wasn't always so. Many factors came to influence this now common practice, none the least of which was profit. But let's start at the beginning.