Eyelash extensions are one makeup alternative present in the current era that helps your eye pop out in just seconds. Mascara was one element used for ages to give your eyes that perfect seductive look, but lash extensions have beautifully replaced this process.

Though lash extensions are effective, when you need to solve the issue of tiny eyelashes, the question that strikes everyone before using extensions is- ‘How does it affect our natural lashes?’

Initially, the American Academy of Ophthalmology was totally against lashes. Eventually, they have also changed their stance and ask to take care of the following-

  • Consult with a reputable person
  • Know the ingredients of lash glue.
  • Know about the side effects.

What happens to natural lashes?

The one consequence that lash extensions have is that, if not used properly they might damage your lashes. If a professional or technician does the same, your lashes may be saved from unnecessary torture. Also, being harsh on your eyes and eyelashes is not a good idea as it can cause harm to your natural lashes leading to falling out.

Millions of people who have experienced lash extensions find that the natural lashes look short and stubby after extensions are removed. The two possibilities for this to happen are-

  • Extensions are inhibiting your natural growth.
  • Extensions are leading to fall-off.

Reasons behind Natural Lash Damage

  1. Heavy lash extensions that are applied improperly, may lead to fall-out due to the weight on your natural lashes, especially when they aren’t applied in a one-to-one ratio. Improper application accelerates the natural cycle of falling out of your lashes.
  2. Negligence in cleaning your extensions leads to the accumulation of oil near your lash line where our bohemian glands are, and thereby the eyelids inflame, and we lose our natural lashes.
  3. Cyanoacrylate peasant in the lash glue when exposed to the moisture in the air pay off-gas formaldehyde, and people allergic to it have red and teary eyes as soon as they use it. So, if you are the one, then, your natural lashes will surely be harmed from its usage.
  4. Our natural lashes grow, and due to this, the extensions go far away from the actual position where they were placed. This stress due to stretch is not bearable and hence causes your natural lash to fall out.

How to Protect Your Natural Lashes?

  1. Say a complete no to pulling or rubbing your lashes.
  2. Do not apply any oily product directly to your eye.
  3. Never use heavy lashes that you cannot handle.
  4. Lash application should be done by a professional or technician.
  5. Waterproof cosmetics are to be used.
  6. Post lash cleansing should be performed with care.
  7. You should have knowledge of the products in your lash glue.

Eyelash extensions beautify your eyes in a way that mascara cannot, but these artificial methods do come with consequences. We cannot alter the natural cycle of our eyelashes to fall, but with proper care and maintenance, we can at least safeguard our extra hair from vanishing away.