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In a Nutshell: Every good investor knows that diversity is key to a successful portfolio. That’s why precious metals expert Jeff Clark recommends investing in commodities like gold and silver as a solid hedge. The Senior Precious Metals Analyst for online dealer GoldSilver.com[1] explained how the historical cycle that returns to precious metals as a basis for currency proves the value of holding gold and silver as an asset. Clark also explained the importance of keeping gold and silver in an allocated storage facility for maximum security and quick liquidity.

In today’s digitally connected world of online brokers, real-time exchanges, and financial apps, it is easier than ever to buy, sell, and trade stocks, bonds, and commodities. Investors can even purchase cryptocurrencies with the click of a button.

Many people work hard to maintain a mix of low, moderate, and high-risk investments to they grow their wealth with a diversified portfolio, as well they should. But precious metals expert Jeff Clark said that, in all their investing fervor, folks can easily overlook one of the most stable (and oldest) investments of all — commodities such as gold and silver.

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is the Senior Metals Analyst at GoldSilver.com, an online precious metals dealer.

Clark is the Senior Precious Metals Analyst for GoldSilver.com[2], an online precious metals dealer that facilitates gold and silver bullion purchases and storage for investors.

“The most important thing to understand about gold is that it’s a great hedge,” Clark said. “And studies show that portfolios with gold in them perform better over the long run than portfolios consisting of only stocks and bonds.”

Clark explained that gold is often inversely correlated to...

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