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February 27, 19 by staff writer

Finestar, an Indian diamond manufacturer and trader that recently acquired De Beers Sightholder status, has launched its proprietary Finestar X-ray diamond imaging software.

Finestar’s X-ray imaging program shows the internal framework of the given diamond. Technically speaking, it is the digital image overlapping the plotting image of a diamond grading report that shows the exact position of the inclusions in the diamond’s image.

Finestar’s program is web-based. With a simple click and drag on the computer screen, the viewer gets to see the exact positioning of the diamond’s inclusions and can also reduce the opacity level of the image for precision. In addition, there are buttons below the image to provide detailed information on what type of inclusion are displayed. Clicking on these buttons tells the user whether it is a white or black inclusion and if it is a minor or major inclusion.

For a demo, go here:


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