“On January 20-21, 2019 the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference offers you a unique opportunity to speak to the experts, meet with companies and grow your portfolio.”

One of those experts? GoldSilver’s own Jeff Clark, who sat down with conference organizers Cambridge House International to discuss his current thoughts on silver and gold.image

Where do you think the price is going for silver and gold?

Higher, potentially much higher. The reason is that today we have numerous asset bubbles, global debt at record levels, and for the first time in history, all currencies are fiat, backed by nothing. This puts the world in a highly precarious position, one that carries an unusually high level of risk.

When investment markets inevitably reverse and debt blows up and currencies get overprinted again, it will drive investors into precious metals, similar to what we saw in the 1970s. Mike Maloney provides an in-depth look into what likely lies ahead in his hit video series Hidden Secrets of Money[1].

The odds of a wealth transfer from other asset classes into gold and silver are very high; based on the repetition of the predictable fiat-currency life cycle, one that has played out many times before, we can look ahead and see what will probably take place. This makes the odds of an upcoming mania in precious metals high. Here’s a fun article[2] about what that mania could look like.

These and other economic, monetary, and geopolitical risks make how much bullion you own more important than how high the price may go. This is clearly a time in history to be overweight precious metals — holding 5% of assets in bullion will probably not be enough to offset the kind of events...

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