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JSC Almazy Anabara, a subsidiary of ALROSA, has extracted a 28.59-carat rough yellow diamond at the Ebelyakh placer deposit in Russia. Following an assessment, the color of the stone is defined as rare fancy intense yellow.

It is the largest yellow rough diamond mined at ALROSA's deposits this year. In 2017, Almazy Anabaraalso extracted a 27.85-carat pure pink diamond – the largest pink stone in ALROSA's history, and a large 34.1-carat vivid yellow diamond.

The United Selling Organization of ALROSA and the company's cutting division DIAMONDS ALROSA will study the diamond and decide whether to auction it as a rough or to cut it into a polished diamond.

ALROSA produces seven thousand carats of colored diamonds per year. In September, the true colors auction started in Hong Kong, where ALROSA showcased a collection of 250 diamonds of different shapes and hues.

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