Here at GoldSilver we’re not huge fans of commercial banks. Deceptive practices, outrageous fees, viewing customers as prey instead of partners.

But they do control enormous amounts of capital, so keeping an eye on where they stand vis a vis the gold price is worth monitoring.

So, presented here without further commentary, is a sampling of current institutional views on gold:

Goldman Sachs:


“Goldman analysts look for silver to fare better than gold in 2018. Goldman looks for silver to be roughly flat over the next six months and increase over the next 12 months. The bank listed a 12-month silver price forecast of $17.20[1].”

Td Bank:


“Considering silver’s underperformance, its traditionally higher volatility and historic relative strength during periods when investors are building gold exposure, the white metal is on track to outperform[2].” [2018 price prediction: $18.18]



We anticipate[3] stronger silver prices in 2018. While strong financial markets may present headwinds to silver rallies, any resurgence in risk may spark safehaven demand.” [2018 price prediction: $17.92]



“The impact of a rally in prices on silver should be particularly amplified given silver’s underperformance in 2017 – there should be more catching up to do[4] in this case.” [2018 price prediction: $17.40]



“We think 2018 could be the year in which it finally recovers its mojo[5]. We expect the world economy to have another good year, sufficient for silver to re-rate against gold in line with its historical relationship to the strong performance from other industrial metals.” [2018 price prediction: $20.00]



We believe there is upside for silver[6]...

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