Ultra-luxury marque Rolls-Royce has been busy developing its ultra-exclusive, 35-model Silver Ghost Collection in homage to the original 40/50-horsepower Silver Ghost from 1907 that traveled a then-remarkable 14,371 miles. Now it has released a video to show off its opulent new creation.

Rolls-Royce[4] says it incorporated visual elements from the original Ghost[5] in the new four-door model. Most obvious is the car's silver paint scheme, with a hand-painted coachline that takes eight hours to apply and contains pure silver particles. There's also a solid silver Sprit of Ecstasy hood ornament (remember those?) with an AX201-stamped hammered-copper hallmark at its base, which harks back to the maiden car's registration plate and the material that featured extensively in the original car's engine bay. The video also shows off the black grille vanes, chrome wheel surrounds engraved with the phrase "Silver Ghost — Since 1907," open-pore tudor oak trim with silver inlays.

The front fascias get a more protruding grille frame with inset grille, plus redesigned wheels. Inside, the cars get Forest Green leather to match the original, with limited edition stamps on the door jambs and dashboard clock, plus improved sound deadening with the addition of special acoustic glass.

There's also lots of running footage of the Silver Ghost navigating a pastoral lane. It's decidedly heady stuff for most of us common folk, indeed....



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