By : Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver

The Coming Super-Bubble in Gold & Silver

There are numerous catalysts both inside and outside the market for precious metals that could push the prices of gold and silver much, much higher. The greater the economic upheaval, the greater the potential for gold and silver to explode, and potential detonators include:

  • Popping of numerous asset bubbles
  • US dollar due for a bear market
  • Debt and derivatives at extreme levels
  • Monetary expansion fallout
  • Inflation shooting higher
  • Recession or other deflationary event
  • New supply for both gold and silver declining over the next decade
This article is strictly the opinion of its author. It is not intended as financial advice and should not be used as such. We strongly recommend you speak with your personal financial advisor regarding any of the opinions referred to in this article before making any investment.

What is the Everything Bubble?

The “Everything Bubble[1]” is a term coined by Mike Maloney to describe the convergence of many economic bubbles that have developed throughout the world today. Here are a six of them:

1. Stock Market Bubble

Based on the widely quoted CAPE ratio, common stocks are at their third most expensive reading in history. Perhaps even more ominous is that this is the second longest equity bull market in 140 years.

2. Bond Market Bubble

The bond market prospered while the Federal Reserve continuously lowered interest rates. What will happen now that interest rates have begun to rise? ...

3. Real Estate Bubble

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