Source: Michael J. Ballanger for Streetwise Reports(6/25/18)

Michael BallangerMichael Ballanger Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses recent activity in the precious metals markets and what it may signify.

My last missive was entitled "Gold's Relative Strength Index indicating a bottom is here[1]," and it was dispatched at noon on Thursday but was written that morning after I had tweeted out the following:

Michael Ballanger‏ @MiningJunkie[2]

With the move in the relative strength to sub-30, I am opening a 25% position in the GLD July $120 calls @ $1.40 looking for $127 by expiry.
6:35 AM - 21 Jun 2018

That morning the gold market plunged to $1,262.40 and it was that drop that enabled me to scoop those calls at $0.05 above the all-time contract low at $1.40. I have since added and expect that the lows are in for the gold and silver markets for 2018. We might have one final attempt in the next three weeks to probe the sub-$1,270 zone but the RSI reading at 125 last Thursday in the latter part of the session spoke volumes but only after we got the reversal back above the $1,270 level and the coincident bounce in RSI back to the mid-40s (on the 10-day chart).

In a nutshell, what we have in place now for the precious metals is a perfect storm of oversold technicals, compelling fundamentals, geopolitical drivers, and absolutely abysmal sentiment going into the month of July, which typically marks the onset of the positive gold-silver seasonality period that extends through to November. There is also one other condition that is overwhelmingly bullish and it is that the precious metals are the unequivocal...

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