Deutsche Bank has been a global black swan for some time. Will it bring the global banking system down? All the more reason to have physical precious metals insurance in your hands. Not since Leman, this could get extremely ugly!

Deutsche Bank has almost triple those assets, $1.7 trillion, but its future is in question. The bank’s net income plummeted by 80 percent from its 2017 level.[1] The Federal Reserve has labeled Deutsche Bank’s US operation as troubled. And that might be an understatement.

The growing problems at Deutsche Bank, combined with unprecedented global debts, could spell economic and financial chaos



That is the reason gold is looking like an excellent investment against any future financial ripple effect. Deutsche Bank is suffering from a lack of faith for a reason. Gold could put investors’ minds at ease.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Deutsche Bank could spell economic and financial chaos. Could this be why Germany has repatriated 583 tons of Gold?[2] by Tom Lewis of[3] on 6/22/18...

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