JPMorgan inherited an enormous short against silver when they absorbed the collapsing Bear Stears (who had initially made the bet) in the 2008 crisis.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and often, fraud. By continuing to short the stock on paper while simultaneously physically buying it, JPM managed to cover that short on the cheap and accumulate the single greatest stockpile of physical silver ever amassed in the history of the world.

It was such an airtight scheme that JPM has never, ever lost money shorting silver. Illegal? Sure. But when the largest and most prominent names in global finance all stand to gain millions and regulatory authorities are bought and paid for, who’s going to stop them?

The silver lining in all of this is that the most powerful bank in the world now owns more silver than any other entity ever has. Sooner or later you can bet they’re going to let the price of silver run higher. As high as they possibly can. And until they do, you can bet alongside them, to profit from the same trade, at bargain basement prices.


With the COMEX silver fraud, the list of those keeping the real facts in the dark is a mile long. Pitted against the insiders intent on keeping the COMEX silver fraud in the dark are mining companies and silver investors, the vast majority of which don’t have a clue about the fraud.

In this group are those who denied the silver manipulation early on and can’t face up to admitting they were wrong even as compelling new data proving fraud roll in. The surest proof of the COMEX silver manipulation fraud is the refusal of the insiders to openly discuss it.

The CFTC refuses to answer...

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