April 25, 18 by Albert Robinson

(IDEX Online) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. has recovered a white diamond from its wholly-owned Jwaneng South Kimberlite Project in an area 100 km south of the Jwaneng diamond mine in the Southern District Botswana.

The diamond was recovered from an unscreened 60 litre sample collected within a 10 square metre area of a GPS controlled sample site, the firm said. This material was dry screened in the field to recover the +0.425 – 4.0 millimetre size fraction. The sample was then transported to Francistown, Botswana and processed through Pangolin’s 1-tph DMS plant.

The white diamond measuring approximately 1 mm in its long axis is a fragment of the original diamond. The presence of a chrome spinel inclusion on the broken surface of the diamond is interpreted to be an indication that the diamond is close to source and transport distance is minimal. In addition to the diamond, ilmenites with surfaces showing little or no wear through transport have also been recovered from soil samples from the same area during three phases of soil sampling.

A detailed groundmagnetic survey has been completed over an area of 144 Ha area and a magnetic anomaly has been identified in the south of the area. The diamond is located adjacent to the groundmagnetic anomaly.

An additional groundmagnetic survey extending the existing survey area to the south and to the east is currently being implemented. In addition, high density soil sampling is being undertaken over the identified groundmagnetic anomaly.

An evaluation has commenced on the AK10 diamondiferous kimberlite pipe, located in the Orapa Kimberlite Field. The AK10 kimberlites located 4 kilometres east of the Karowe diamond mine owned and operated by Lucara...

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