Signs to look for in the housing market

After a brief brush with deflation in 2008, the market conversation is increasingly inflationary. ElliottWaveTV asked co-editor of our monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast for his take on where things are headed — with one market in focus in particular: real estate.

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[Editor’s note: The text version of this video is below.]

Dana Weeks: Hi, I’m Dana Weeks, and I’m here today with Pete Kendall, co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. Pete, it’s great to see you. It’s been a while.

Pete Kendall: Good to see you again, Dana.

DW: I really enjoyed your April edition of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. There’s so much great information in there, and you focus on deflation. And I’m curious as to why this is on your radar when we’ve been hearing so much about inflation lately?

PK: Well, a deflationary phenomenon doesn’t need people to not believe in it for it to happen. In fact, later on, when we get into a structural deflation, it will intensify as people expect it to do so. But in the turn into the deflation, it’s common for people to not expect it at all. And that’s kind of what we see at this point.

DW: So Pete, how does this fit in with history?

PK: We’re transitioning into a grand supercycle degree bear market. Therefore, we have a much longer term trend change. We have a...

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