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January 11, 21 by IDEX Online

(IDEX Online) - Tech firm Sarine says its digital tender solutions, already adopted by Alrosa and Lucara, are now being used by Stargems as well.

The coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a catalyst to rough sellers trading with remote buyers.

Israel-based Sarine says Stargems is now using its systems to map external internal features and help determine the true value of the polished diamonds that could be extracted from each stone.

Bhavesh Javeri, CEO of Stargems said: "Covid-19 is definitely a catalyst for our digital tenders which have rapidly become an important platform for rough diamond sales.

"By utilizing Sarine's solution we are able to provide our customers with the best service possible, providing accurate data in advance which enables maximal confidence in the purchase." 

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said: "We are very glad that Stargems, one of the leading rough diamond tender houses, is pioneering the use of our digital technologies.

"Our planning products have become an industry standard. Rough sellers are able to reach the vast majority of the potential market by simply sending them digital files."

Sarine technology is already used by Lucara's digital platform Clara, and by Alrosa.

Pic shows Sarine's DiaExpert Edge high-precision 3D modeling technology...

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