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March 24, 20 by IDEX Online

The overall price of polished diamonds has dropped two per cent since 1 March, according to the IDEX Diamond Index.


The most dramatic downward movement came last Thursday (20 March) when Indian exports were halted and the reality of coronavirus lockdowns worldwide hit home.


The market-driven IDEX Diamond Index for stones of all sizes shows prices levelling slightly on Sunday and Monday (22/23 March).


The steepest drops in prices, based on trading network data for 1 to 23 March, were among 0.5 carat stones, which were down four per cent. After a steady decline throughout the month they fell sharply on 19 March.


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To see the full IDEX Diamond Index report, with more graphs and information, IDEX members please click here[1]....


  1. ^here (www.idexonline.com)

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