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March 22, 20 by Ehud Cohen and Tamar KatzavimageAs the global pandemic changes life for everyone, we at IDEX are adjusting to the "new normal".    It's time to take a bold and decisive action, so we have resolved to leverage our expertise and our platform assets to help friends and colleagues in our industry. 


That's why we are, with immediate effect, opening up our diamond trading platform[1] for FREE. We offer the only global, objective and transparent platform in the diamond world.


* Access the entire IDEX Diamond Trading platform for FREE. Join today at www.idexonline.com[2]


*  The IDEX price index is updated every hour and is derived from our trading inventory of 700,000 polished diamonds. The index[3] is unbiased, market-driven and is the most reliable indicator of market movements. It is a composite formulated by specialists at Tel Aviv University's finance faculty and it accurately reflects price trends as they happen in real time[4], such as the drop of over two per cent since the start of March. 


IDEX Guaranteed Diamond TransactionsTM is the only fully-automated trading service for polished diamonds. It provides a two-way guarantee: It guarantees the availability and authentication of goods for buyers, and it guarantees payment to suppliers.


As second-generation diamond traders, we have been part of this wonderful industry for a long time, throughout both prosperous and challenging times.  We strongly believe that a bold, new vision is what will take us through this turmoil and beyond, to thrive and prosper once more. 


Please feel free...

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