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October 08, 19 by IDEX Online Staff Reporter

(IDEX Online) - SCS Global Services (SCS) has announced the launch of a pilot program to audit and analyze the sustainability of lab grown diamonds. SCS is a third-party certifier and standards developer that has been retained by the Lab Grown Diamond Council to create an independent "product" sustainability certification standard for diamonds.

"The pilot audits mark an important step in the process of certifying sustainability," says Stanley Mathuram, SCS vice president. 

Sustainability areas to be addressed cover environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, including a commitment to becoming climate neutral. These criteria will be reviewed through a multi-stakeholder process, informed by the results of the pilot assessments. 

The certification will support the lab diamond growers' business-to-business sustainability claims to distribution and retail customers. 

Recent consumer research by MVI Marketing found that over 85 percent of jewelry purchasers view independent, third-party verification of the social and environmental impact of any diamond they consider purchasing as important....

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