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August 26, 19 by Staff Writer

Miranda Hollingshead wasn't going to search for diamonds - she only wanted to know HOW to find them. She still ended up leaving with a 3.72-carat rough stone.

Hollingshead, of Bogata, Texas, visited Arkansas's Crater of Diamonds State Park for the first time. But according to Hollingshead, that wasn't her original plan. "I was just going to pick up a transmission that day, but my siblings were in town and wanted to do something fun together.

Hollingshead, who had known about the Crater of Diamonds for years, decided to go diamond searching when she found out the park wasn't too far from her home. "When I realized it was only a couple hours away, I knew we had to go!"

After searching for about an hour, Hollingshead found the diamond at the base of a hill on the northeast side of the park's 37.5-acre diamond search area. "I was sitting in the shade, watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds. I looked over at my kid for a second, and when I looked down, I saw it mixed in with other rocks."

Park staff registered it as a 3.72 ct. yellow diamond. It is the largest registered at the Crater of Diamonds since March 2017. It is the largest yellow diamond since a visitor found a 3.85-carat diamond there in October 2013.

Park Interpreter Waymon Cox said, "It's about the size of a pencil eraser, with a light yellow color and a sparkling, metallic luster."...

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