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Silver Outperforming Gold 2

Adam Hamilton     July 26, 2019     3232 Words


Silver has blasted higher in the last couple weeks, far outperforming gold.  This is certainly noteworthy, as silver has stunk up the precious-metals joint for years.  This deeply-out-of-favor metal may be embarking on a sea-change sentiment shift, finally returning to amplifying gold’s upside.  Silver is not only radically undervalued relative to gold, but investors are aggressively buying.  Silver’s upside potential is massive.


Silver’s performance in recent years has been brutally bad, repelling all but the most fanatical contrarians.  Historically silver prices have been mostly driven by gold[1], with the white metal amplifying moves in the yellow metal.  Silver has generally leveraged gold by at least 2x in the past.  And rarely silver skyrockets as higher prices and bullish sentiment feed on themselves in powerful virtuous circles fueling huge gains.


Silver’s legendary upside is largely the result of it being such a tiny market.  Silver’s leading fundamental authority is the Silver Institute.  In its latest World Silver Survey covering 2018, it reported that total world demand ran 1033.5m ounces last year.  That was worth a mere $16.2b at 2018’s average silver prices, a rounding error in markets terms.  That was just 1/11th the size of last year’s world gold demand worth $179.4b!


So when investors grow interested in silver again and start deploying capital, relatively-small inflows in absolute terms catapult silver far higher.  This classic dynamic last worked in 2016.  In...

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