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The Precious Metals Market: Hugo Salinas Price for Plata[1]

The prices of the precious metals – gold and silver – are under strict control by the syndicate of the International Bankers. (Incidentally, I speak of the real power exercised by the International Bankers, in a rather long article on my website, www.plata.com.mx. I do hope you will read it! Mr. Trump is finding out, from Jay Powell of the Federal Reserve, that the real power in this world is in the hands of the International Bankers.)

The time when it was necessary to prove the existence of this control, was over long ago. Today it is an unquestioned fact. However, most analysts of the precious metals market continue to bury their heads in the sand of falsity, for various personal reasons. Thus, they only comment on “market behavior”.

Why do International Bankers wish to control the prices of the precious metals?

Because their Power is based on the false money that they issue, and true market prices of the precious metals would very clearly reveal the steady loss of purchasing power of the false money they issue and thus erode their Power significantly, or even destroy it.

Now that we have the “Why” for control out of the way, let us turn to the “How” of the control:

We must distinguish the interest of the International Bankers, from the operation of the world market in precious metals.

The world market for precious metals includes some of the Central Banks of the world, as well as private investors handling either their own funds, or the funds of corporations under their care.

The Central Banks all know that the prices of the precious metals are under strict control to prevent...

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