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Cannot lose: while there are risks, top-of-the-range diamonds can be highly profitable for investors

Diamonds make you feel good. They’re up there with chocolates and Champagne. Investing in diamonds has a powerful psychological edge over your tech start-up company shares or natural gas futures beause they are so desirable on such a personal level. Prized gemstone continues to command record prices as supply is very limited and demand high. So...  is this a good basis for an investment decision?

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Buying a diamond? Get its history through near-field communication

Near field communication, or NFC, is best known for enabling mobile payments. Two companies are now trying to apply the technology to something more glamorous: The diamond industry. Thinfilm, which prints NFC tags, and Sarine Technologies, which develops technologies for diamonds and gemstones, are partnering to bring NFC to the precious stones.

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Diamond mining companies setting sights on the sea as land dries up in Africa

Twelve miles off Namibia’s arid southern coastline, 150 metres below rolling ocean waves, diamond miners are hard at work securing a future for the practice of romancing by stone. With the precious gems expected to run out on land in as little as 15 years, diamond company De Beers is building up a naval fleets to protect its interests.

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De Grisogono Buys Rights to 813ct Diamond

De Grisogono purchased the rights to the world’s most expensive rough diamond, the Constellation, it announced at the launch of the 28th Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. The Switzerland-based jeweler entered into a partnership with Dubai-based Nemesis International which bought the 813-carat diamond from Lucara Diamond Corporation for $63 million in May following a competitive bidding process.

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