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How Can De Beers Market Diamonds When Beautiful Lab-Made Stones Exist?

De Beers, the company that had a near-monopoly on jewelry-quality diamonds for much of the 20th century, has a problem. Synthetic diamonds (or “lab-created,” as their marketers would prefer that you call them) have made amazing progress in the last few years, and now can be grown faster, better, and colorless.

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Jewelry Has Been An Ever Present Accessory Throughout The Course Of History

A family heirloom, a birthday present from a loved one, or a simple pop in your outfit- jewelry has been a staple amongst the human race as far back as historians can trace. Whether they serve for practical purposes or to decorate the wearer, jewelry has played a significant role throughout history.

This 80-carat diamond ring is like nothing you've ever seen before

Over the years, celebrities have flaunted quite a bit of bling on their ring fingers, but we’re yet to see anything that compares to this. Instagram account @Gem_hunt posted this epic shot to their feed showcasing an 80-carat diamond ring from JS Diamonds & Jewellery which is so gigantic, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s fake. Click the read more to see it!

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Bullet Jewelry Hits The Mark

Juxtaposed with raw stones and delicate chains, bullet jewelry is a study in contrasts. Made typically from spent bullet casings, these pieces add cool flair to simple pieces. Best with T-shirts and jeans, bullet jewelry can typically stand alone -- other jewelry need not apply. Though it may not seem like there is a lot of room for variations in this type of jewelry, designers, like those at UnEarthen continually evolve their pieces to keep them fresh and unique.

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