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October 13, 20 by John Jeffay

(IDEX Online) - British fashion designer Debbie Wingham created a breathtaking $26m diamond-encrusted party dress for a billionaire birthday girl.

It was studded with 15 red diamonds, from one and a half to four carats worth $23.8m in total, plus a host of other gems.

Wingham has a reputation for adding extravagant sparkle to cake and couture for the ultra-rich.  In 2015 she baked and decorated a 6ft-long cake decorated with 400 one-carat and 35 three-carat white diamonds and 75 three-carat black diamonds at a cost of $74m.

Her latest venture was a party dress for an unnamed Lebanese client, who celebrated her 40th in style with a main party at her her mansion in Mijas, Spain, and 20 lavish lockdown parties for her friends around the world, each of whom received a $4,000 goody bag.

Centerpiece of the whole extravaganza was Wingham's modern take on the traditional Middle Eastern abaya dress that was literally dripping with diamonds.

As well as the super-rare red diamonds, it featured, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, 20 three-carat black diamonds worth $195,000; 10, three-carat white diamonds worth $780,000; one blue diamond just under three carats worth $130,000 and six, two-and-half carat yellow diamonds worth $5450,000.

It was finished off with 4,000 tiny single-carat diamonds worth $130,000 and 1,000 fresh-water pearls valued at $105,000.

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